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artificial sea water

If you need a lot of sea water, then you might be better off with a commercial product, such as Instant Ocean, sold in pet stores.

For smaller quantities or for solutions missing one of the minor components, then follow along:

0.425 sodium chloride 24.6
0.009 potassium chloride 0.67
0.0093 calcium chloride * 2H2O 1.36
0.0255 magnesium sulfate * 7H2O 6.29
0.023 magnesium chloride * 6H2O 4.66
0.002 sodium bicarbonate 0.18

use a pH meter to bring pH to 8.0-8.2

Potential Chemical Suppliers:

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000
Sigma Chemical Company 1-800-325-3010
WARD'S BIOLOGY 1-800-962-2660
CAROLINA 1-800-334-5551
SKS Science Products 1-518-880-6980